Blit, Inc was founded June 2006 by Troy Kruthoff and Rob Bagley to make awesome software for the web. Since then, Blit has expanded into mobile applications and technologies that bring communities together.

Troy Kruthoff CEO & Co-Founder, Blit Inc

Troy drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it provides interesting and unique ways to automate business processes using web and mobile technologies. Troy started programming early in life, at 10 years old he wrote bulletin board software on a Commodore 64. Previous to Blit, Troy was the CEO/CTO and co-founder of Abso (formerly AbsoluteHire) a pioneer in the pre-employment screening industry and BackgroundsOnline, the first web-based screening company. Before background screening, Troy was CEO/CTO and co-founder of IQ DATA Systems and pioneered the digitization and searching of Uniform Commercial Code records.

Robert Bagley CTO & Co-Founder, Blit Inc

Rob oversees the technical strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building a team of world-class engineers to keep Blit at the forefront of full-stack web development. Rob became interested in computers at a young age and toyed with online bulletin board systems as a teen before the internet became a known entity. At age 18 he became Troy’s first programming hire and has since coded and deployed technologies in more programming languages and environments than most would believe to be possible. Rob is directly responsible for ensuring most of Troy’s ideas actually work.

Milestones Set by Blit's highly talented six member development team * Blit develops software for some of the biggest companies in the computer industry, however we are not allowed to publicly use our clients names to market our business. We can however, offer limited demonstrations of some of the software and technologies we have created and deployed.